Further to the March 25 Matamata Racing Club notification to training track permit-holders that the MRC training facility would be closed for the next 14 days, the MRC has extended that closure to continue indefinitely.

With another two weeks minimum for the Government level 4 lockdown to stay in place (note that despite some rumours, current level 4 restrictions have not been extended beyond a month), uncertainty remains as to exactly when racehorse training can resume.

NZTR has flagged July 1 as a possible date for racing to resume, but that can only be considered a “best case” scenario. Tied into that would be a need for training to resume by early May and trials to follow in June.

All of those activities would require a reduction to at least level 3 Covid-19 restrictions, which to be fair won’t be happening any time soon.

In the meantime everyone, we’ve all done well to get this far, so stay safe in your bubbles while we ride this beast out.

Dennis Ryan
Chairman MRC