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06 February 2024 | Tuesday Trackwork
06 February 2024 - Tuesday Trackwork
Dennis Ryan | February 06, 2024

Horses preparing for Legends Day features at Te Rapa this weekend were the centre of attention at Matamata on Tuesday morning.

Herbie Dyke Stakes favourite Legarto (Turner) galloped on the course proper, where the going was soft 22 metres out. After setting off at a steady rate, she built momentum to complete 1200m in 1:17.6, 1000m in 1:03.2 and the final 600m in a very impressive 36.6. The Ken and Bev Kelso-trained mare has made pleasing progress since her Ellerslie second and is ready for the step up to 2000m on Saturday.

Race rivals Mali Ston and Arby did their work on the plough, where Mali Ston (Pinn) was paired with Ellis Fillies’ Classic candidate Tulsi (A Jones) over 1200m in 1:17.6. Early fog hindered the timing of some gallops and the only sectional split possible for this gallop was 1:03.2 for the last 1000m. Stablemates Arby (Pinn) and Ess Vee Are (A Jones) galloped when the fog had cleared, covering a truly run 1200m in 1:16.8, 1:02.2 and 36.6.

Leading BCD Group Sprint candidate Waitak (Rastrick) could be timed only over 1000m, which he cut out in 1:02.6. The Sistema Railway winner hit the line full of running, confirming he has trained on well from his big win on New Year’s Day. Stablemate and race rival Dragon’s Leap (Farr) worked with deceptive ease over 1200m in 1:17 and 1000m in 1:01.8, with no shorter sectional possible. He too is in very good order.

Molly Bloom (Rastrick) and Grail Seeker (Tynan) also worked in the fog, cutting out a solid 1200m in 1:15.4 and 1000m in 1:02.2. The Ellis Fillies’ Classic candidates were impressive given the way they galloped right through the line.

Livid Sky (B Grylls) and Still Bangon (Pinn), two more for the Te Rapa filly feature, worked on the course proper against the rail in the 10-metre position, cutting out their last 1200m well-held in 1:28.2, 1:09.8 and 39.4. Wider out on the course proper, BCD Sprint entry Bonny Lass (Kareem) was also not chasing time as she covered her last 1000m in 1:10.2 and 38.8.

Te Rapa entries Channel Surfer (Bosson) and To Catch A Thief (Kareem) were paired in solid work, timed from the 1200m in 1:17.8, 1:04.5 and 37.6. Madam Le Fay (Colgan) looked bright when preparing for Te Rapa over 1200m in 1:19.4, 1:04.5 and 37.8, while Reputation (Nishizuka) and Skaw Valley (Mullineaux) ran the same distance in 1:22.8, 1:07.6 and 39.4.

Unraced pair Cintivee (Mullineaux) and Naxos (Nishizuka) got through their work well over 1000m in 1:08.5 and 38.4, while Sassy Merlot (Mullineaux) was strong over 800m in 51.9 and 37.6.

Back on the plough, Kingfisher (Rastrick) caught the eye as he prepared for Te Rapa over 1000m in 1:02.5 and 36.4, as did Amberite (Cox) and Miss Solitaire (Tynan) when running the same trip in 1:01.8 and 36.2.

Te Rapa entries Balance Of Power (Melvin) and Vivacious (Bosson) cut out 1000m in 1:02.6 and 35.8, and were followed by El Viento (Parmar) in 1:03.2 and 36.4. Over the same distance Our Alley Cat (Cox) and Ma Baker (Prendergast) recorded 1:04.4 and 36.5, In Exstasy (McCall) 1:05.3 and 37.6, Insatiable (Bosson) 1:05.9 and 37.2, Devoted (Allen) and Freeze Frame (Bosson) 1:04.2 and 36, Scouser (Harris) Chloe’s Comet (Prastiyou) 1:05.2 and Iffshecan (Harris) 1:07.5.

Harlech (Dellow) worked over ground, cutting his last 1200m in 1:25.8 and 1000m in 1:09.6, while Grace ’N’ Glory (M Brosnan) ran 1200m in 1:21.2, 1:05.7 and 38.2.

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