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31 Oct | Tuesday Trackwork
31 October - Tuesday Trackwork
Dennis Ryan | October 31, 2023

Legarto confirmed her fitness for the A$10 million Golden Eagle in Sydney this weekend with an impressive final gallop at Matamata on Tuesday morning.

After heavy overnight rain, the course proper 20 metres out was heavy and loose. Legarto (Turner) had first use of the track when she and Moeraki (Leighton) strode over 1000m in 1:06.5, finishing off on the bridle with a final 600m in 38.1. 
Legarto, who pulled up well from the gallop, was booked on a late Tuesday flight to Sydney ahead of Saturday’s big Rosehill mission. Moeraki, the winner of two races in Hong Kong, is back with his original trainer Danica Guy. He won a trial last month and may resume at Tauranga on Saturday.

Tauranga Saturday entry Latrelle (Cameron) and stablemate Extortion (Harris) were in good form over 1000m in 1:04.8, finishing off with a final 600m in 38.3. Magawa (Kamaruddin) and Fabulous Girl (Tynan) had pace on from the start of their 1000m hitout, which they completed in 1:04.2 and 38.8. 

Two more Wexford Stables entries for Tauranga, Grande Gallo (Farr) and The Weapon (Rastrick), cut out 1000m in 1:06.4 and 38.6, while Madam Le Fay (Lammas) put up a strong solo gallop over the same ground in 1:05.5 and 38.5. 

Cork (Lammas), who steps up to a middle-distance at Tauranga, worked over ground and was timed from the 1200m in 1:20.9, 1:06.8 and 39.5. She should find track conditions to her liking on Saturday. Pukekohe defection Oneira (Cameron), who will now run in the three-year-old 1200 at Tauranga, went with The Bizzness (Harris) over a well-held 1000m in 1:11.8 and 39.5. 

Key Largo (Lammas) was also working well at the end of 1000m with Time To Wonder (Yuki) in 1:06.5 and 38.2. Over the same distance Fay Khan It (Allen) and Fierce Flight (Sheehan) returned 1:06.7 and 39.9, Part Time Lover (Harris) and Kind Thoughts (Cameron) 1:06.2 and 38, Outback Opal (M Brosnan) 1:10.7 and 40.8, Navigator (C Cole) 1:12.5 and 40.6, Captivate (W Hillis) and Text Regrets (Bragg) 1:10.6 and 41.8, Anise (Cameron) 1:10.2 and 39.8, Renegade Rebel (Harris) 1:08.7 and 41, and Royal Secretariat (Cameron) 1:06.7 and 39.2.

Karman Line (Rastrick) was unextended over 1000m in 1:09 and 41.2. She looks bright after a let-up and may resume at Pukekohe next Tuesday. Candy Cane (Fawcett) and Screamin Eagle (Leighton) were timed over 800m in 51.7 and 37.5, while Incubo (Turner) ran the same distance more sedately in 59.2 and 40.8. 

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